Effortlessly understated and elegant, Tluxe is an Australian lifestyle label whose philosophy stems from the idea that garments should transcend fashion and become a lifestyle identity.

 Drawing inspiration from the relaxed Australian culture and the philosophy that luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury, Tluxe explores the concept of basics dressing, producing fluid, sophisticated pieces designed for stylish layering and refined comfort.

 Founded by English-born, Sydney-based designer Rebecca Powell in 2006, the label derives its name from a fusion of the words deluxe and Tee, applying the concept to each limited edition collection with immaculate craftsmanship and innovative design.

 With a Diploma in Fine Arts and Design and an Honours Degree in Textiles and Fashion, Powell was inspired to create an Australian-made label dedicated to luxurious basics, having previously designed for Selfridges, Top Shop and Stirling Cooper in the United Kingdom as well as quintessential Australian brands Bonds and Mambo.

 Handcrafted by highly skilled artisans in Australia, Tluxe’s collections are created using the finest organic and sustainable yarns including bamboo, cotton, cashmere silk and Merino wool, ethically sourced from Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Japan and Turkey, resulting in thoughtful pieces that withstand the test of time.

 Inspiring guilt free luxury with its custom-knit fabrics, each collection comprises an exclusive colour palette in seasonal colours with a classic print, paired with a range of monochromatic luxe staples that have featured since the label’s inception.


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