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Tluxe Summer 2015

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Tluxe Summer 2015

The Tluxe Summer 2015 collection is effortlessly understated and elegant. The new seasonnal range from Australian lifestyle label Tluxe remains true to its philosophy that stems from the idea that garments should transcend fashion and become a lifestyle identity. Drawing inspiration from the relaxed Australian culture and the philosophy that luxury must be comfortable (otherwise it is not luxury), the latest collection explores the concept of basics dressing, producing fluid, sophisticated pieces designed for stylish layering and refined comfort.  Handcrafted by highly skilled artisans in Australia, Tluxe’s collections are created using the finest organic and sustainable yarns including bamboo, cotton, cashmere silk and Merino wool, ethically sourced from Australia & overseas, resulting in thoughtful pieces that withstand the test of time.

Tluxe coreopsis short Tluxe Summer 2015 delphinium shirt Tluxe Summer 2015 stock tee

Tluxe delphinium shirt

Tluxe S15 persimmon pant  Tluxe violet back pleat shirt dress

Tluxe Summer 2015 violet shirt-dress

Erica_Maxi_Dress  Phlox_Tee

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