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Steele Femme Forte Spring 2016

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Steele Femme Forte Spring 2016 collection

Discover or first ever fashion range from Melbourne fashion label Steele with their Steele Femme Forte Spring 2016 collection.

The fashion label is a creative collaboration between two Melbourne girls who share a strong emotion & enthusiasm as well as understanding for innovative styles and designs. Jessica decided to take the creative reigns behind Steele, referencing her own personal style of bohemian glamour fused with contemporary designs, while her partner taps into her industry experience, driving the business and marketing side of the label.

The styling is a confident and dynamic mix of femininity and modern day chic; displaying signature elements such as sheers and silks, fresh color palettes, feminine prints and feature graphics. Shapes are relaxed but full of detail and exaggerated fluidity. Chiffons are billowy; leather shapes retain an edge whilst remaining sophisticated and timeless.

The dressier element of Steele is where the passion and direction of the brand shines. Hints of embellishment and glamour reflect elegance and excitement, while the softness in collections give a sense of romance.

Steeleā€™s vision is to grow as a uniquely Australian label, and continuously be inspired by women who are passionate about individual styling.


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