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ELK Winter 2016 Wanderer

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ELK Winter 2016 Wanderer collection

This ELK Winter 2016 Wanderer collection is aimed at breaking expectation. A Notion shared by those who wander. Whether to find solace, to understand the world around us or to simply follow a spontaneous need to journey: our own need to continually evolve has transformed a mess of ideas into a new and unique collection.

Each season the team at ELK leaves everything behind, and start again. They journey and collect ideas to start a narrative. Endeavoring to find new ways to approach and blend colour, fabrication and form. They are lead to out of the way places where they can open their minds and be inspired. The journey they take to create a collection is just as fun as what results. They urge to wander. To journey along new roads, to open their eyes, seek out different faces and create new stories.

A Collection of fine knits, buttery soft leather, delicate jewellery and sheer layers come together to form a clean, contemporary story. Winter is about layering. Light pieces in great colours that mix and match or work just as well on their own. Focusing on form and function these pieces are made from materials designed to wear easily, are soft to the touch and provide the perfect base for a vibrant winter wardrobe.

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elk winter 2016 abake cap sleeve top

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 elk winter 2016 chunky rolled sleeve sweater

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elk winter 2016 oyne wide top

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