The initial Chalice collection was released in the summer of 2011 in Western Australia and New South Wales, where it received an overwhelming acceptance from retailers.

Chalice is inspired by the desire to create a clothing collection that reflects a contemporary aesthetic, beautiful easy shapes in luxe natural fibres. The focus is on the use of luminescent silks, cool cottons, unique jerseys and versatile viscose items. Drawing on resources that enable the development of unique silk prints, the brand quickly became recognised as a collection built around subtly directional signature fabric designs.

Mindful of the fact that fashion is never static, the designers also seek to introduce directional components within each collection, reflecting the latest innovations in fabric, shape, texture and colour.

Seasonal collections also seek to reflect wearable designs in “on trend” fabrications paired with signature silk prints. Being mindful of the Australian climate, Chalice designers have created a versatility in the collections so that the garments can be worn in prevailing climatic conditions.

Typical wearers of Chalice will be trend focussed women who seek a brand to cater for their varied lifestyle needs. Always wanting to exhibit a strong fashion image, the end consumer seeks quality, versatility and durability. Innovation has become a hallmark for Chalice as it continues to both surprise and deliver its’ unique fashion edge to customers.

Chalice clothing

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