Ba&sh Clothing

The Ba&sh clothing brand was launched in France, in 2003, by Barbara Boccara along with her long-time friend Sharon Krief. A shared love for fashion led these two best friends to create their label. They both decided to bring their dream wardrobe to life so that they could share it with other women. They wanted to create the perfect outfits they would wear every day with a feminine, colorful, bold and contemporary style. The fashion label exudes a feminine-meets-cool style, with subtle rock-chic and bohemian influences. Think blouses, tops, blazers and dresses with a feminine feel, completed with timeless basic trousers, skirts ánd edgy never-out-of-style accessories – which are plentiful present.

“We wanted to design for women like us – working women with children, real women,” said Sharon. “It’s a way of life – a place for women to feel beautiful, feminine and well. The fabrics must never feel itchy and the shapes are never tight – each piece is designed to make women feel beautiful and comfortable.”

Ba&sh clothing is a fashion brand truly made by women for women .

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Ba&sh clothing at PAYA boutique Airlie Beach
Ba&sh clothing at PAYA boutique Airlie Beach
Ba&sh clothing at PAYA boutique Airlie Beach

Found in more than 400 stores around the world, the ba&sh style remains distinctly Parisian, uniting an expression of freedom with an easy, joyful elegance. It is easy to recognize a ba&sh dress… The key? The happiness of the woman wearing it

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