Sundry Clothing

Sundry Clothing is the result of founder Matthieu Leblanc’s passion and calling. Matthieu Leblan is a lifestyle artist whose stimulus is none other than a manifold between nature’s panorama, cultural fanfare, and wanderlust. An avoidable path since its upbringing in the French Mediterranean town of Aix en Provence. An early life in the city of water and art was always going to lead to adventures of creativity and oceans. There is where Matthieu first drew inspiration, a place where bountiful landscapes became the catalyst for his artistry. A fusion brand of Pacific Ocean hand in hand with Mediterranean sea heritage.

Matthieu moved to Venice Beach, California to be immersed in the culture and lifestyle, to surf as often as he could, and to continue creating statements about life and the beach. His creative curiosity blossomed. In his moments of sand soaking, wave catching, and city dwelling, Matthieu’s artistic side unfolded; unveiling what seemingly is a marriage of ethereal and insouciant living combined with the jettison for all things ostentatious.

Sundry Clothing at PAYA boutique airlie Beach

The fashion label believes in an attitude that embraces diversity and non-conformity. As an artist,”Leblan follows his own motto: These are clothes to live in-travel, laugh and love”. Sundry is inherent for free-thinkers, whose level of taste fuses high and low culture, defining individuality, and resonating a balance between the city’s impulsive pace, and the outdoor’s rich and fluid surroundings. Sundry Clothing collections are coastal casual with a touch of French chic. Always believing colour, quality and the softest touch of fabrics keep anyone in great spirits, Sundry Clothing reflects romance, getaways and vacations.

Fashion label Sundry Clothing now at PAYA boutique Airlie Beach


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