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Elk UNEARTH Summer 15

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Elk UNEARTH summer 15

The Elk UNEARTH summer 15 collection was born from an old photograph of an marble mine in Italy. Every concept has a foundation. It is born from an idea, an inspiration or a feeling. The founding inspiration for Elk Accessories‘ latest collection was those vast pieces of marble carved from great walls of a quarry. Seeing these walls of ancient stone falling to the earth made the Elk designers think. They started by drawing silhouettes of mounds of stone. Then they created graphics referencing gemstones and crystal formations. Crushed stone inspired anew terrazzo style resin. Brilliant agate gave the collection a palette of bright blues, cadmium yellow, crisp white and rosewater tints. Metallic highlights and natural leathers left in their raw state create a unique contrast. These elements were Elk UNEARTH summer 15‘s building blocks, the foundation for an entirely new story.

This is a confident collection which carves a path into the future and has unearthed a new direction for ELK Accessories.

Elk dot to dot shirt black white spot      Elk dot to dot tee white grey spot

Elk dot to dot tee black white spot

Elk eclipse maxi skirt black      Elk eclipse maxi skirt grey marle

Elk gathered back pant gemstone black Elk low crotch twill pant black white spot Elk gemstone tank black


Elk low crotch twill pant tang Elk UNEARTH Summer 15 pleat back tank dress blue Elk pleat back tank dress tang gemstone


Elk sunday denim shirt       Elk sunday denim shirt

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