Conchita Clothing

Conchita clothing is the creative brand from designers Paula Sinclair and Candice Tranchita. The Western Australia based fashion label focuses on the needs of women in their diverse manners of relaxation to determine how best to enhance their changing lifestyles. Opportunities emerged as they identified that “stylish chill” really hit the spot in the fashion wishes of many women.

Relaxed clothing doesn’t have to equate to sacrifice. It’s another opportunity for women to express themselves using subtle sophistication and tonal colours. Soft fabrics, natural fibres and fabric texture are the means by which Conchita clothing distinguished a niche in the market. Not inclined to let the consumer down, the brand expresses colour in a manner that presents special opportunities to successfully combine styles with many other wardrobe pieces and seeks to create an aesthetic of soft lines and sleek silhouettes that epitomises modern, chic sophistication. Harbouring clean lines and simplicity, the design aspiration is a mix of spirit and a touch of daring living alongside a personal affinity with wearable, tasteful clothing.


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